About the project - summary
We take our starting point from the daily lives and experiences of the students and move on to our project issues.
Teachers and students plan and prepare the project work together. International teachers’ teams are responsible for
selected tasks within the project which they plan in detail. The teaching materials include academic as well as
creative tasks, new teaching methods and bi-lingual aspects. Selected tasks will make students develop materials to
teach younger students. All the tasks, materials and results will be made available on the website to everyone. The
website and the facebook group are the main platforms of communication. Students work on a range of tasks in
national and in small international groups.
The project will be evaluated by the students and teachers. During the two project meetings per year teachers and
students reflect on the progress of the project, make evaluations and decide on next steps. The meetings are an
essential part of the project work.
the impact of modern media
teaching media literacy
Bad Tölz