About the project - cooperation and communication
The coordinating school is responsible for this project website (www.enter-project.com) and two facebook groups:
a closed teacher’s group for teachers’ communication and a closed students’ group. They will link the groups to the
project website. As the coordinating school is responsible for the cooperation they will inform all partners regularly (at
least monthly) about the next steps via facebook and email and they will keep the website up to date. All project
teachers will use their facebook accounts regularly (facebook settings: email if there is something new on enter-
project-group). Teachers communicate with the teachers of the partner schools at regular intervals (via facebook,
email, phone, skype). At each project meeting a detailed project plan is made and decided on, problems of
cooperation are discussed and solved. International teachers’ teams are formed who are responsible for parts of the
project work. They create tasks and collect materials (communication via the facebook teachers’ group, via email or at
the meetings), which are sent to all the schools. This ensures effective cooperation (see work program). All the tasks
and results will be put on the project website. The coordinating school ensures that the deadlines are met.
Each school reports back at the end of each month on their progress in the project work on the teachers’ facebook
group. All the participating teachers will be able to keep up to date with what is going on in their partner schools.
The project plan aims at a regular exchange between the students in order to complete the project tasks (see below).
For this exchange the students use facebook or email. The project website informs all partners about current activities
within the project. The coordinating school is responsible for the website. The project teachers are responsible for
their school’s contributions to the website.
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teaching media literacy
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