About the project - distribution of tasks
Each participating school must provide a framework and the technical equipment for the project work. The heads
actively support the project work: e.g. they permit student excursions, student exchanges, they promote
interdisciplinary project work, learning in different age groups, they permit the participation in project meetings and
they support the hosting of project meetings. The schools support the project teachers’ public relations work.
The coordinating school is responsible for the project website.
The participating project teachers inform the head and staff on the project and point out opportunities for
cooperation within the framework of the project. The coordinators at each school ensure the continuing project work
with the teachers and students in their project groups. Teachers and students of all the schools participate in four
project meetings. Each school can decide on participating in additional meetings.
International teachers’ teams are responsible for selected tasks of the project which they plan in detail. There are
deadlines for all these tasks and project activities. The coordinating school and the teachers’ teams are responsible
for the meeting of the deadlines. All materials and tasks will be published on the website (project teachers are
responsible). The participating teachers at all schools are responsible for the students’ work at their school. They
stay in contact with the European partners via email and facebook and communicate the progress of work at their
school– the coordinating school is responsible for this communication. The results of the national student groups will
always be sent to the coordinating school which is in charge of publishing them on the website. The publication of
tasks and results on the website space creates transparency. All participating teachers encourage their students to
communicate on the project work in their project groups on facebook.
If schools have a meeting with a students’ group from one other school the participating teachers will be responsible
for planning the meeting. They will also send a report to the coordinating school and some results for publishing on
the website. Each project sequence will be evaluated at the meetings by teachers and students. The whole project
will be evaluated at the last meeting (the coordinating school is responsible). The results of the evaluations will be
published on the website by the coordinating school.
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