About the project - objectives
The students
• reflect on the positive potential of social networks and modern media
• enhance their use of the Internet for meaningful and critical research, publication and communication
• increase their ability to access and use modern media for creative work
• reflect on the role of modern media for democracy
• become more aware of the importance of modern media for future business and entrepreneurship
• become better informed about the dangers on the net
• improve their skills in using ICT for communication and creative work
• communicate with the other European students at regular intervals
• improve their foreign language skills
• develop their intercultural understanding
The teachers
• cooperate in international teams
• improve their skills in using new media and ICT
• develop teaching methods which aim to strengthen students’ autonomy
• reflect on the benefits of ICT in their teaching methods
The schools
• improve entrepreneurial skills and encourage contacts between the schools
• compare and improve policies regarding ICT
• develop their European profiles and become more attractive for students
• promote exchanges between students and teachers
• obtain materials for bilingual lessons, teaching modern media
the impact of modern media
teaching media literacy
Bad Tölz