About the project - results and outcomes (1)
01.08.11–31.07.13 Project website with all information about the project (aims, project calendar,…), presentation of
                  schools and national students’ groups, bilingual teaching materials, project tasks and results
30.09.2011 Guidelines for the logo contest
30.09.2011 Survey on students’ media habits, guidelines for the creation of a news bulletin and for the
                 creation of a scenario of the use of media devices in 2020
24.11.2011 DVD with all the news bulletins
27.11.2011 Project logo
28.11.2011 Guidelines and teaching materials for the discussion on social networks in class
28.11.2011 Key questions for the analysis of the films “The Social Network” and “Catfish”
20.12.2011 Tasks, guidelines and teaching materials for students’ work on modern media and entrepreneurship
March 2012 Folder “What will life be like with modern media in 2020?” Short stories + illustrations + cartoons + …
                 Exhibition at school
31.01.2012 Report on comparison of friends and facebook friends
the impact of modern media
teaching media literacy
Bad Tölz