About the project - summary
The Enter project deals with the impact of modern media and teaching media literacy in different European
countries. Modern media have become increasingly significant in our daily lives and the project focuses on the
opportunities but also on the dangers of modern media.
We focus on students’ media habits, social networks, modern media and entrepreneurship, the possibilities of
creativity on the net, the way modern media change the presentation and contents of news, the impact of modern
media on democracy and the dangers on the net. Within each topic we keep in mind that today’s students are both
consumers and producers on the net and we take our starting point from the daily lives and experiences of the
students and move on to social, cultural and political issues.
Within the topic of students’ media habits we propose to conduct surveys on the whole range of students’ use of
modern media. When dealing with the role and impact of social networks we focus on opportunities and dangers,
discuss the differences of usage and perception among members of different generations. Members of the schools’
young enterprise groups would be encouraged to exchange innovative business ideas. The project encourages
students to explore and use the creative potential of the net. Students explore the impact of modern media on
democracy and finally the dangers of modern media.
The participating students and teachers will improve their ICT-skills and benefit from each other’s knowledge.
For each topic there will be detailed tasks provided by the international teachers’ teams. All tasks and results will be
published on the website and thus be available to everyone. In the course of the project teaching materials are
produced which can also be used by other teachers and schools.
the impact of modern media
teaching media literacy
Bad Tölz